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M.Sc Postgraduate Course Information

The Master's Degree Courses are aimed at bringing the students abreast with the most recent developments in their fields of specialization. The Master's Degree is offered on Part-time basis. The Ph.D. Degree programme is, however, offered as Full-time studies for external students and as part-time studies for the teachers of the department. The department has a qualified faculty for teaching and research for Master as well as Ph.D level studies. There is a well-stocked and up to date library and computer centre for the teachers and postgraduate students. The department offers consultancy and testing facilities to various Mining, Geotech, Geological and Civil Engineering Companies as well as Government and public sector agencies involved in Mining, Minerals and Earth-Sciences fields.

Outline of Courses M.Sc. in Mining Engineering

Group A

Course No. Subjects Examination Marks (Theory + Practical) Total Marks
Min-E-501 Advanced Mineral Dressing (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-502 Advanced Explosive Engg. (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-503 Coal Preparation (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-504 Advanced Flotation (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-505 Mineral Economics (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-506 Management Finance (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-507 Non-Explosive Rock Fragmentation (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-508 Management Information System (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-509 Design of Mineral Processing Plants (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-510 Geo-statistical Ore Reserve Modeling (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-511 Mine Cost Analysis (100+60)+40 200
MA-3104 Numerical Analysis-I (100+60)+40 200
MA-3108 Partial Differential Equations (100+60)+40 200
MA-4214 Theory of Elasticity (100+60)+40 200
MA-4313 Linear Programming (100+60)+40 200

Group B

Course No. Subjects Examination Marks (Theory + Practical) Total Marks
Min-E-512 Rock Slope Engineering (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-513 Subsidence Engineering (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-514 Finite Element Analysis (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-515 Excavation Engineering (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-516 Mine Environments (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-517 Open Pit Planning & Design (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-518 Modern Mine Management (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-519 Mine Operation Analysis (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-520 Surface Coal Mining & Equipment Design (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-521 Environmental Controls for Blasting (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-522 Mine System Simulation (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-523 Analytical Stress Determination (100+60)+40 200
Min-E-524 Experimental Stress Analysis (100+60)+40 200
SF-505 Geo-technical Investigation (100+60)+40 200
SF-510 Geo-Techniques of Waste Dislosal (100+60)+40 200
CY-511 Applied Analytical Chemistry (100+60)+40 200

Group C

Course No. Subjects
Min-E-500 Research Thesis

Note: M.Sc. completion requirements

  • Total of eight courses, four each from Group A & Group B.
  • Thesis



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