The department ensures that proper guidance is available to the students from teachers through dedicated office-hours beyond scheduled timetable. The faculty is available for academic advising other than the dedicated lecture hours upon request by students. A semester tutor is appointed for each of the sessions and a semester cell is established within the department to guide the students regarding semester rules and regulations.

       i.          A focal person is appointed in the department for students’ counseling related to personal matters and wellness.

     ii.          A full-time Foreign Student Adviser is also appointed by the university to take care of the matters related to foreign students.

For many years, the MED has been following tutorial system for skill development and enhancement of students learning at the department. The whole process of students’ learning process under this process includes the following key arrangements:

  1. Tutorial System

  2. Workshops (CPD & Non- CPD)

  3. Seminars (Technical & Non-Technical)

Tutorial system revolved around the following major tasks:

  1. Building constructive and helping atmosphere in the department

  2. Resolving student question with respect to different academic issues in class

  3. Discussing complex Engineering Problems

  4. Discussing financial and personal issues to help student to focus on their studies

  5. Regular guideline to students for their class & final year projects

  6. Student orientation especially of first- and fourth-year students

  7. Assisting with curriculum, assignments, open ended labs and projects

  8. Assisting them in making informed decisions about their important choices, like registration of subjects, internships, upcoming seminars, short courses, trainings etc.

  9. Assisting them with dealing emotional, health, financial, stresses problems.

  10. Developing skills including research proposal, literature review, AutoCAD, etc.

Department of Mining Engineering has arranged a number of non-CPD workshops and Seminars for skill development of students. The seminars and workshop have been arranged with the support from Society of Mining Engineering (SoME) of the MED, UET Lahore.