The MED has a strong and well established intership placement program for students and is being practiced since early 1980’s. At present the department is enjoying good liason with the mining organizations comprising Punjab Government regulatory bodies [Directorate General of Mines and Minerals (DGM&M), Inspectorate of Mines] , Federal Government regulatory bodies, public sector mining companies (PMDC, PUNJMIN) and private sector mining industry in Punjab.

The department offers internship positions every year in summer to the B.Sc. third year students in co-ordination with the Directorate General of Mines And Minerals, Punjab, both in public and private sector mining organizations (mostly operating in coal, rock salt and limestone). These mining companies also pay a stipend alongwith boarding and lodging facilities to the internees for the period of internship.

However the department also encourages the students to search internship positions in mining, tunneling and geo-technical industries on their own in other provinces of Pakistan including Baluchistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtun khwa and Azad Jamu Kahsmir. Further it is mandatory for every student to join atleast two internship places preferably in two different mining projects (like surface and underground mining) for a period of 15 days at each location.

The highlights of mining engineering intership programs are as follows:

1.     An opportunity to learn and acquire exposure in the mining industry of Pakistan.

2.     An opportunity to practice hands on training on the equipment or machinery employed for mining as well as to get acquaintance to other technical operations for the production of minerals.

3.     Industry sponsored summer internship program.

4.     Equips mining engineering students with professional skills necessary for their future career.  

At the completion of internships, the students are required to have employer’s feedback and submit it to In-charge Internships in the department. This feedback is analyzed in departmental QEC. Following figure illustrates the internship arrangement and feedback analysis mechanism.