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Mining Engineering Program Education Objectives (PEOs)

The Mining Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  • Solve current and emerging problems, through the application of fundamental and core scientific and engineering knowledge, technical and analytical skills, and design practices related to mining engineering profession.
  • Function responsibly and ethically in a variety of professional roles to design and operate mines with an obligation to protect human life, health and welfare, the environment, and stakeholders interests.
  • Utilize professional skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and leadership.
  • Compete globally for job placement and advanced degrees in mineral related fields.
1 January 2017

Renovation of library of Mining Engineering Department which would ensure better standards of education and encourage students to lean towards book reading and research.

10 January 2017

An activity arranged by the students under SoME platform to provide a better and friendly learning environment for Mining Engineering Students.

19 & 20th December, 2016

An activity to help CERAD (centre of energy research and development) establishing their stall on Dice 16

4 December 2016

Event arrange by PMOA, SoME worked as Management in the Seminar

23-30 November 2016

An activity arranged by the students under SoME platform to groom the abilities of freshmen for their professional career and to induct students in Society of Mining Engineers.

December-12 Mine Master Quiz Competition.

Big Result is Coming Tomorrow for Mining Students..! Best of luck to all who participates in December-12 Mine Master Quiz Competition. Results will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday - 12 Dec,2017) in KICS seminar Hall at 12pm. So, Big Prize Money. Pray for the Success..! Note down the Timings: 12-12-17 at 12:12:12pm ;-D

SoME Induction Drive 2017-18

Society of Mining Engineers opens its induction drive 2017-18 for the freshmen and all the others sessions as well. This will be just one time recruitment and any person willing to get inducted in SoME after due date will not be entertained. Registeration Fee is Rs.300/- (For Executive Session) & Rs.150/-(For Session 2015,2016 & 2017).

Orientation Week 2017

Orientation week is going to be organized in Department of Mining Engineering under the banner of Society of Miniing Engineer. This event will play a vital role for the students to understand the academic policies and expectations. The students will become familiar with the services and opportunities available for them on campus. Students will also be communicated with the basic rules and regulation which was laid by UET and its hostel. For any Querry and Information. Muhammad Sohaib Arshad Dir. Communication and Documentation 0324-4675689


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