UET has designated student counseling centers in the form of Directorate of Financial Aid & Career Services (FA&CS), Directorate of University Advancement and External Linkages (UAEL), and Directorate of Students’ Affairs (DSA) who advise and counsel students regarding academic as well as career matters. UET arranges an Open Day each year for the students who intend to apply for admission in UET to give them an insight of the institute and guide them regarding scope of different degree programs being offered in the university. A formal Induction Ceremony is arranged by the University for the Newly Admitted Students to apprise them about the salient requirements and policies/procedures of the programs. Beside this, an induction ceremony is arranged by the department itself for the students who got admission in B.Sc. Mining Engineering to enlighten them about the scope of the program, its market value and its challenges. The university arranges a Career Fair each year for final year students to interact with potential employers and provides an excellent opportunity to the talented students to get hired even before their graduation.

The directorates of FA&CS, UAEL and DSA act as a bridge between UET graduates and employers and donor agencies for scholarships, financial assistance, loans etc. These offices are committed to provide friendly and efficient services to UET students, graduates, employers and scholarship donor agencies. These provide information to the students with the recent jobs and scholarships available by displaying the information on the UET notice board frequently. The directorate of FACS also facilitates various organizations in the process of pre-selection of students who are about to complete their studies by arranging tests and interviews of prospecting candidates for placement in the industry. The directorate of FACS also looks after Needy Scholarships and Financial Assistance Program of university for deserving students. These scholarships are awarded by either government agencies or other sources both from local and international donors.

Name of Scholarship

Amount (Rs/year/student)

Punjab Education Endowment Fund Scholarship


ICE QUEST-G Haider Scholarship, London (For Civil)


Omar Aftab Memorial Trust Scholarship, Lahore

Full Fee

Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Scholarship


Coca Cola Scholarship


The following scholarships are also being awarded that have varying amount and duration:

       i.          Social Welfare Activities (SWA)

     ii.          The Institute of Engineers Pakistan, Saudi Arabian Center (IEP SAC)

   iii.          Class 49- Golden Jubilee Scholarship, Lahore

   iv.          Gurmani Foundation, Lahore

     v.          Bari Khalil Scholarship, UK

   vi.          Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited, Rawalpindi

  vii.          Khan I.U. Durrani & Begum Hameeda Durrani Scholarship USA (Final year)

viii.          Zubeda Habib Scholarship (For Chemical)

   ix.          Zanib Bashir Scholarship, Lahore

     x.          Dr. Faiz Scholarship

   xi.          Professional Educational Foundation (PEF) Karachi

  xii.          HEC Need Based Scholarship

xiii.          Pak Usaid Scholarship

xiv.          Ehsaas Scholarship

The students at MED are provided both formal and informal opportunities to make use of consultancy for career concerns. Some of the formal channels of consultation and career placement include:

       i.          Mining Engineering Office

     ii.          Career Placement Cell of UET

   iii.          IAB

   iv.          Industrial Open House

While informal ways of providing consultation to our students and facilitate career placement comprises of:

       i.          Social Media, i.e., Facebook, WhatsApp, Email Groups etc.

     ii.          Alumni Reunion and other alumni events for socializing and mentoring

   iii.          Tutoring system

   iv.          Faculty members and Personnel Relations (PR)

UET emphasizes on close interaction with industry through frequent visits, internship opportunities and industrially focused R&D projects. Carrying along this very agenda, UET holds Industrial Open House & Career Fair (IOHCF) as a mega event to present its current design and R&D activities to the industry. The IOHCF provides a platform where the industry, faculty and the graduating students interact for future projects, hiring, internships, and industry-academia linkages. The IOHCF was initiated in 2015 and now has become a regular calendar event of the University.  Over the years, the event has gained momentum as one of the largest career events in the province, is self-sustained through industrial support, and is generally overbooked for industrial participation. For the year 2022, UET organized IOHCF on 23rd May 2022.

The MED has also established linkages with various mining companies with the prime focus as follows:

The linkages at National level with various mining companies were established with the prime focus as follows.

1.               Research & Development Projects

2.               Internships

3.               Scholarships

4.               Job opportunities of students by facilitating employers to conduct tests, interview on the campus.

The MED has also strong liaison with the following government departments that help to achieve the above-mentioned objectives.

1.     Director General Mines and Minerals Department, Govt. of Punjab

2.     Pakistan Mineral Development Company (PMDC)

3.     Inspectorate of Mines, Govt. of Punjab

4.     Punjab School of Mines, Kattas, Chakwal

5.     Punjab Mineral Development Corporation (PUNJMIN)

6.     Punjab Mineral Company (PMC)