Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is a statutory body that regulates the quality of engineering education in Pakistan through a federal act. The PEC ensures the proper conduct of engineering programs through a comprehensive process of accreditation. Focus is on adherence to international accreditation standards to ensure quality of engineering programs offered. 

Mining Engineering Department has been accredited by the PEC since they started accrediting the engineering programs of Pakistan in 2007. The department has evolved from a degree program based on personal experiences/expertise and industrial needs to a more systematic process of quality assurance following the PEC accreditation process. The department takes pride in its undergraduate Mining Engineering program to be the first ever mining degree program in the country to get accredited under first-schedule level II on OBE. The department has since leaped a milestone in an attempt to get reaccredited and to uphold its legacy of delivering the quality education to the nation in mining engineering sector. Following Table shows a brief accreditation history of B.Sc. Mining Engineering Program.

Sr. No.

Year of Accreditation Visit

Type of Accreditation

Sessions Accredited


Feb 2011

Level I

2006, 2007, and 2008


June 2013

Level I

2009, 2010, and 2011


June 2017

Level II (Objective-based Education)

2012 and 2013


October 2018

Level II (Objective-based Education)

2014 and 2015


March 2020

Level II (Objective-based Education)

2016, 2017, and 2018